Beyond the screen: How social media has been a positive influence


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Chloe Clinton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In recent years, social media has become more and more influential. People now use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and most recently TikTok daily. These platforms can have a great impact on many aspects of a person’s day to day life, although social media usually gets a bad rap it has become a source of positivity in these dark times.

With so much of our world now centered around the internet and media platforms, people are more connected than ever before. According to, 90% of 18-29 years olds in the U.S use at least one social media platform. During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has been one of the only connections between people. People from all over the world have watched as countries deal with the pandemic differently. For example, in Italy at dusk residents would ring bells to honor frontline workers – a phenomenon that took hold world wide. Events and trends, like those in Italy, are echoed around the world through social media. The power of these trends inspire people and even connect them to others. With a vast majority of people using social media,the possibilities are endless.

 This escape into the world of social media drama and trends has been a positive outlet for those stuck inside. With influencers such as Tabitha Brown,@iamtabithabrown, and Casey Hamilton,@mrhamilton, people’s accounts are flooded with positivity and light amongst the chaos. Their profiles are centered around encouraging a sense of community and love. Tabitha Brown makes recipe videos for delicious meals in a calming relaxed voice that helps her followers wind down. And Casey Hamilton started making videos about being a teacher and helping students, and has now branched out to other content. Whether they are advertising their favorite products or advocating for change, individuals are projecting their interests to other people through social media.

Here at Santa Fe, there are a number of student organizations that have created social media profiles to advertise their program and events. Some clubs and groups that have an Instagram are The Ruff Draft, debate, band and many more. During the pandemic, these accounts were some of the only contact students had with each other. 

One group that has increased their social media presence is Student Council (StuCO). The council has made multiple accounts for the school as a whole. On these various social media profiles, students and faculty can find lists of upcoming events, school updates and interactive posts. During this time of uncertainty StuCo has taken advantage of these platforms to add some positivity and encourage school spirit. During Homecoming, the council released multiple one minute videos on TikTok, @sfhswolfpack, that received hundreds of thousands of views and likes. The homecoming festivities inspired students from around the country and world to try to bring normality to school. Many students commented “this is so cool” and “I wish we could do this” even tagging their principal.

Whether positivity is found through total strangers or Santa Fe’s own, people understand the power of social media and are using it to bring joy any way they can.