Female wrestler earns state honors


SF Athletics

Tristan Nolan: 2nd from the left

Anthony Johnson, Santa Fe Staff Writer

When Edmond Public Schools formed a wrestling team in 1996, the team was all male. Twenty-five years later, an impressive female wrestler has joined the ranks.

Tristan Nolan is originally a wrestler from Illinois, which has a rich tradition of high school wrestling, before moving here and joining the volleyball team. The head coach of wrestling saw her talent in volleyball and saw her potential, The volleyball coach, coach Ethridge spoke well of her. When she joined the team, the coaches realized she had already built a strong foundation to become a wrestler. 

We are excited to have Tristan on the team, she is a hard worker and being our first female wrestler she has sure set a high bar for girls that follow.“ said by head wrestling coach Tim Draper.

The Santa Fe wrestling team recently went to state where Nolan placed third. After a devastating loss in the semi finals, she made a shocking comeback and placed third. The coaches were exhilarated to see her get third in the state and were honored to have her on the team. She finished the season with an astounding record of 22 wins and only three losses. After her successful season, Nolan has several colleges scouting her for their wrestling team.

Tristan winning 3rd place at the first ever Oklahoma sanctioned girl’s Wrestling State Tournament was an ecstatic experience for a couple of reasons. To start, she was the first wrestler to place at the Oklahoma Wrestling State Tournament that I have had the privilege of coaching“ assistant coach Isaac Henry said.

When I joined the team I didn’t know how the guys would feel about it, but the first day I walked in we instantly clicked. They were all so welcoming and nice but in a good way of course,” said wrestler Nolan.

Overall, the team did well with the help of Nolan who has made an impact in wrestling not just here at Santa Fe but for the future of wrestling itself.  She is opening the doors at Santa Fe to allow more female athletes on the team.