How to lose a guy in 10 days (Gen-Z Version)


Official movie poster for How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.

Annabelle Gentling, Howler Staff Writer

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days” is a cult film classic, nobody can argue with that. From the clashing outfits of the early 2000s to the hilarious one-liner, “I can’t be with someone who dislikes animals and thinks I’m mental.” All of it was wonderful. 

But, I’m going to be so honest with you millennials, the way Andie, the protagonist of the movie, tries to lose Ben (her love interest), throughout the film is a little outdated. Realistically, the methods to lose her man wouldn’t cut it in modern times. 

Andie was a queen for thinking of 10 different ways to lose Ben, and I’ve always been impressed. But the first thing millennials should know about Gen-Z people is that we don’t need that many different motivated attacks on our dating lives before we hit the road. Now nobody, and I mean nobody, in Generation Z is pulling up to somebody’s house with a potted fern. So, here are the five different sure ways to lose a guy. 

Number one: Ghost people

For those of you who are a little older, ghosting someone is the act of “showing” interest and then never talking to them again. This drives people insane and is something that in today’s culture sadly happens more than most would like. I can literally see it now. Ben shows up for a date that Andie sets up and ben just sits there waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I know many people consider themselves patient people, but that would send anyone over the edge. 

Number two: Smell bad  

I’m going to admit to you, I don’t know why this wasn’t in the original movie. If Andie had pulled up smelling like a Waffle House at midnight, I think Ben would have quit no matter what was on the line. Being hygienic is a must, so if you need to lose someone, quit showering immediately.

Number three: Cheat 

Don’t even get me started on this topic. There is nothing worse than getting a “Hey girly” text or an “I know you don’t know me” paragraph. Not only is it rude, but it shows that you were never taking someone seriously in the first place. I think that I would go all crazy like Andie in the scene where she finds out Ben let the fern die. However, I know some girls that have stayed through this. I simply have high standards, and I hope whoever is reading this does as well. 

Number four: Make them second in everything 

There is nothing worse than knowing that you’re not at the forefront of your partner’s mind. I think that this one is a bit more serious. If you do decide that you want to leave someone, if you decide you want to leave someone, let them know they aren’t a priority. Just be careful, nobody wants to be labeled as someone who’s mean. Even if you’re trying to lose a partner. 

Number five: Make weird family connections. 

I’m going to give it to Andie. If someone called my mom for baby pictures to then fused our faces together to make kids, I’m out. I don’t care about any explanation. I’m abandoning ship. Ben was getting a promotion from his boss to see if he could keep Andie. Ben wasn’t just staying for a laugh, but still, I couldn’t have done it. Not for a million dollars. If you haven’t been introduced to your partner’s family, then don’t reach out. if all else fails, this is a sure way to lose somebody.

Okay, there it is my complete list of how to lose a guy in… well five days. Disclaimer: none of these methods have been scientifically proven to lose a guy so proceed with caution. I hope that you never need this and have a good dating life, which is pretty crazy in this day and age, but a girl can dream.