Holes in the ceiling leave parents and students concerned

Zachary Mcnaught, Howler Staff Writer

Now that Santa Fe students are returning from break, many students have noticed the large holes in the ceiling that have appeared at the north entrance of the school. 

According to building manager Rusell Johnson, some pipes froze and burst on Christmas eve causing a flood of the north entrance, gymnasium and foyer.

“We had to remove the damaged tile we’ve already got some people coming out to fix it soon,’’ Russel Johnson said

Normally, something of this nature would be considered an OSHA violation, but the incident has already been reported and is actively being worked on so Santa Fe will not receive a violation.

“We’ve already sent a request to Edmond public schools to get it fixed and that is why it’s not a violation,” Russel Johnson said

But, if the incident occurred Christmas evening why hasn’t it been fixed yet? Should it take this long to get a small bit of ceiling fixed? Getting a request for repairs is a lengthy process. First, the building manager must send the request to Edmond public schools then Edmond public schools will hire a private contractor to come to the school to fix the problem.

This incident has raised concerns among not just students but many parents as well. At the Academic showcase on Tuesday night Jan.17, Some parents who entered the school called the holes “ugly’’ and ‘’not appealing’. 

The problem is not only a health problem but a cosmetic one as well that has made students feel uncomfortable.

On Friday, Jan. 17, Edmond Santa Fe principal Jason Hayes announced that the holes should be fixed over the next 2 weeks. With future weather conditions looking bad this could be pushed back even more.