It’s Not Just Nostalgia: My Singing Monsters Review

My SInging Monster Loading Screen

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My SInging Monster Loading Screen

Braxton Knapp, The Howler Staff Writer

Despite “My Singing Monsters” having been released over 10 years ago, it still continues to be one of the best mobile games available. From the award-winning music to the creative monster designs, there is hardly anything to not love about the game. Big Blue Bubble’s ingenious idea to combine a world-building game with music has only improved these past ten years because of consistent and unique updates.

In “My Singing Monsters,” the player controls islands where the player’s monsters perform together to make a song. The player can breed monsters they already own or buy monster eggs in the market to acquire new monsters for their island. A player is given hundreds of decoration options to customize their island, and they can collect over 300 different kinds of monsters spread across 22 unique islands. This includes a composer island that gives players the option to make their monsters perform music created by the player.

One of the best qualities of “My Singing Monsters” is the incredible music Big Blue Bubble has created for each island. The main focus of other world-building games such as “Clash of Clans,” “DragonVale” and “Fallout Shelter” is to build more and more with no real goal or end, and while that can be incredibly fun it can sometimes become repetitive and monotonous. In “My Singing Monsters,” the main objective is to finish the song of each island by getting every monster. The game also focuses on making each island look good and making the song sound good. This is different to other world-building games that involve a form of conflict that a player needs to increase their “power” to overcome, such as raids of enemies in “Fallout Shelter.”

“My Singing Monsters” isn’t fun just because it is a unique concept. If this were the case, the game wouldn’t still be popular ten years later. Big Blue Bubble has worked hard to ensure the game is polished and created with quality. If each island’s songs were not enjoyable to listen to, or the monster designs were uncreative and boring, then the game wouldn’t be as successful as it is. The game doesn’t rely on just gameplay to make the game fun, it also makes the visuals and audio of the game fun.

“My Singing Monsters” is a timeless game that has continued to be one of the most creative mobile games for over ten years. Big Blue Bubble has done an excellent job of keeping the game fresh and polished without interfering with the game’s core concept.