BSU and Spanish club celebrate Friendsgiving



Students line up to get food provided by other students

Cay Osborn , Howler Staff Writer

Santa Fe’s Black Student Union (BSU) and Spanish Club combined in the freshman cafeteria on Nov. 16 to celebrate Friendsgiving

The celebration lasted from 6-8 p.m., and within those hours, students from both clubs played games like Uno, waited in line to receive food brought by other students and participated in a club bonding activity in which students from either club partnered up and asked questions about each other before presenting what they learned to everyone. 

“I think that the BSU and Spanish club friendsgiving turned out extremely well,” Sophomore Sharrin Jones said. “The food and people were amazing, and my favorite part was when Mrs. Hardy made us find a person from the opposite club and get to know more about them.”

Friendsgiving was a way for BSU and Spanish club members to socialize and eat, all tied up in one event in hopes of students leaving with new friends and full stomachs.