Over half a century later

Alanna LaDeaux, Howler Staff Writer

Recently elected into the Edmond Public Schools (EPS) Hall of Fame, Judy Pendergraft has a 55-year career with the school system and has been the school board clerk for 43 years. 

Pendergraft has always lived in Oklahoma but she was originally from Cleveland, OK and she moved to Edmond right before her senior year where she went to and graduated from Edmond Memorial in 1962.

After her graduation, she began working in the district as a secretary.

She worked as a secretary for three years at Edmond Junior High (now known as Boulevard Academy). Pendergraft would then spend a few years away from Edmond to stay home and take care of her new daughter, Cherie. 

In 1969, Pendergraft would return from the district as a payroll clerk at the old administration building. But, in 1974 she gave birth to her other daughter, Jody, which resulted in her having to stay home for a little more time. Pendergraft would then make a second return and be promoted to school board clerk where she has served under nine superintendents since.

Pendergraft recalls memories as a high school student at Edmond Memorial and how small her 150-student graduating class was. She’s amazed at how much EPS keeps prospering and growing.

“You just keep going and grow with the district,” Pendergraft said.

She is known for being hard-working, dedicated, detail-oriented and humble with even old superintendents such as Dr. Goin and Mr. Towne commend her for being so selfless. 

She has seen the district from many perspectives whether it be her own experience, her children’s, or now even her grandchildren’s. If Judy thinks we’re doing good, then we must be.