Santa Fe Marching Band continues record breaking season


Santa Fe’s Marching Band

Zachary Mcnaught, Howler Staff Writer

This year has been a record-breaking season for the Edmond Santa Fe Marching Band. Santa Fe’s band won a competition two years in a row for the first time, hinting at the best possible Santa Fe marching band in school history.

Last year Santa Fe won the Mustang invitational, beating every other competitor by just under three points. This year, Edmond Santa Fe did the same winning by 2.7 points over Edmond Memorial.

“This year is a super big deal, we have a chance to do something special,’’ head director Dane Romano said.

Santa Fe’s band has had an, at best, mediocre history. They weren’t the cream of the crop, however, never fell to the bottom of the barrel. They won the occasional competition here and there and sometimes made finals at state competitions; however, this year is different.

Santa Fe’s Marching Band is seeing unprecedented success, in part, due to Santa Fe’s director, Dane Romano. Dane was a previous student at Santa Fe as well as a member of the marching band. He is thrilled to see the success the band has had this year.

“When I was in school here, I’ll be honest, we weren’t good,” Romano said, “I like to think that I’m feeling the success that I always wanted as a band member through the band students now.’’

The Edmond Santa Fe Marching Band has amassed a total of 157.85 points over the first two competitions of the year which is the most ever recorded by any band in Santa Fe’s history. The second-best band in Santa Fe’s history was the 2008 marching band which mustered up 135 points after the first two competitions.

The band’s next performance will be at the Oklahoma Secondary School Athletic Association (OSSAA) West regional on Oct. 25.