Wolves present an “Elephant’s Graveyard”


Kilynn Hammons

Flyer for Elephant Graveyard Auditions.

Sky Coffman, Howler Staff writer

35 kids from around Santa Fe auditioned for this year’s play, Elephants Graveyard. The play will be performed on Dec. 8 and Dec. 9 at Santa Fe’s Performing Arts center at 7pm.

The play takes place in 1916, Sparks Circus arrives by train into the town of Erwin, Tennessee. As a new member of the circus rides Mary the elephant, things start to go horribly wrong. The circus is taking care of its own as the town rallies against a murder. No one gets what they want, and Mary pays the price. 

The cast list consists of 15 parts all played by:

Ring Master- Rachel Lyon

Trainer – Lizzie Clarke

Ballet Girl – Mary McGuire

Tour Manager – Tristan Haley

Strong Man – Jackson Gragg

Clown – Brianna Lewis

Drummer – Jackson Medoff

Hungry Townsperson- Shelia Nkuranga

Marshal – Aydin Dale

Muddy Townsperson – Bre’Zi Thornton

Preacher – Anderson Chung

Steam Shovel Operator – Trevor Rudat

Young Townsperson – Paisley York

Guitarist – Tovan Riviera Costas

Engineer – Gray Visalli

“Funny enough, I didn’t audition for the Ringmaster,”  Rachel Lyon said “I auditioned for the Strong Man and the Clown because I’m pretty good at dialects. I didn’t expect to get either of those parts or even the Ringmaster”.

People such as Rachel Lyon and Brianna Lewis are both excited for their parts in the play.

I am looking forward to playing the clown to execute the true story and events of this play. I want to show people who think of the clown as a figure that is always entertaining, that when it comes down to it he will stick up for his own. The clown ultimately has a lot of love for Mary the elephant, and I am excited to execute these feelings in the upcoming play,” Brianna Lewis said.

Brianna and Anderson both were really excited to play their parts, because they want to play parts that are doing things they love and enjoy. 

“Having a singing part and talking about the good word of God through a character in a play,” Anderson Chung said. 

The production is created, designed and produced by all students from the stagecraft and theater arts classes. The entire show from props to costumes, to scenic design, is student-led and designed.