Behind the scenes of HOCO week


Kaitlyn Marshall

Sarah Semere the vice president and homecoming chair.

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

Sarah Semere is a senior this year, as well as the vice president of Student Council (STUCO) and the homecoming (HOCO) chair. She strives to make this year the best homecoming that Santa Fe has ever had. The theme this year is Mamma Mia, so the school will be decorated in a Mamma Mia greece-style setting. Homecoming week is Oct. 3-7, and the homecoming dance is Oct. 7. 

“My plans for homecoming are to bring back and add some new events like roller skating and tailgate,” Semere said.” The theme was chosen in the summer by STUCO, and decorations set by Alayna [Leck], our director of decorations, and I. Concerning the dance, there will be refreshments this year.” 

When planning for HOCO week, a lot of work and planning goes into the week and the activities that follow, and Sarah wants to make the events as exciting as possible. After school activities will be part of HOCO week as well as the homecoming assembly. This year, Sarah hopes to raise student involvement. 

“By the time the week before homecoming rolls around, everything is expected to be set in stone and only promotions should be sent out to remind the student body what to attend and what will be going on this week,” Semere said.

Sarah and others will start decorating the school over the weekend, so on Monday when students walk in, the hallways will look like they’re straight out of a movie. Sarah hopes to see you at the dance and around the school during HOCO week.