Covid on the rise


Alanna LaDeaux

The falling and rising cases of the corona virus since 2019

Alanna LaDeaux, Howler Staff Writer

Once again, we see a rise in the infamous CoronaVirus. In the beginning of May, we saw a low of zero but since then there has been a rise that has peaked at more than 2000 cases on Aug. 11. This is ironic because this is also around the same time school got back in session. 

With the new rise we can assume that the same precautions that we have taken in the past should still come into play. In Oklahoma County, the CDC has recommended wearing masks in indoor public areas, staying up to date with your covid vaccinations and to immediately get tested if you start to show symptoms. But, if you have underlying circumstances that could put you at high risk you should do additional research

The fear of leaving normalcy and returning back to 2020 is a fear many people have, but with vaccinations available for children as young as six months old and the new knowledge we have on the virus, having a full shutdown like we’ve seen in the past is unlikely.