Dominaria United is Releasing Soon

Dominaria United is releasing soon

Dominaria United is releasing soon

Braxton Knapp, The Howler Staff Writer

After last month’s Streets of New Capenna, Wizards of The Coast is following up with the release of a new set called Dominaria United

On Sept. 9, Wizards of The Coast will release a brand new set that explores the setting of Dominaria when faced with the threat of Phyrexian invasion. The set will emphasize planeswalkers and ancient heroes gathering to face down powerful Phyrexian foes.

This set also includes four exciting new mechanics including read ahead, enlist, powerstone tokens and stun counters. 

  • Read ahead introduces a new way to use sagas that lets you skip to any chapter of a saga when it’s played, allowing you to give up resources in exchange for instant rewards. 
  • Enlist introduces a higher-risk version of exalted that lets one creature add other creatures’ power to its own when it attacks.
  • Powerstone tokens so far only show up on one card, Karn, Living Legacy, but still has potential for lots of use and it’ll be interesting to see cards in the future interact with these tokens.
  • Stun counters, while not technically a new mechanic, are still highly anticipated as they streamline the process of many previously used mechanics, such as the effect of Frost Breath, and allow for more interaction between cards like Frost Breath.

Dominaria United has many aspects that have the Magic: The Gathering community excited for its release. More information, an in-depth look at every card being released and preorders of the cards and accessories are available on the Magic: The Gathering Dominaria United page.