2022 Howdy Week Dress-Up Days


Channing Hill

Senior representing their class by wearing their assigned class color: black

Channing Hill, Howler Staff Writer

The first full week of school at Santa Fe was celebrated with the renowned dress-up week known as Howdy Week. Howdy Week is an early way of celebrating Santa Fe’s philanthropy week, DWDW, and this year’s Howdy Week was a raging success.

The student body seemed to enjoy the dress-up day themes this year, with students and staff alike participating enthusiastically every day.

“Adam Sandler day was definitely my favorite dress-up day,” junior Ava Howell, said. “Probably because I noticed that most people dressed up, but also because it was comfortable.”

Santa Fe’s student council is in charge of dreaming up dress-up day themes, and student council sponsor Meg Gatewood gets the privilege of witnessing this process. 

“For Howdy Week dress-up days it’s kind of all the ones [dress-up day themes] that don’t fit into a theme or category as a whole,” Gatewood said. “So a lot of the time we’ll end up doing ones that have gone viral on TikTok or if the kids know of something that popular at the moment we’ll do those; It’s just mostly the themes that are super fun but wouldn’t fit into a DWDW theme.”

After a week of dress-up days and other DWDW events, Santa Fe is on track to have a successful DWDW in the spring.