Spanish Club’s first event of the school year


Alanna LaDeaux

Spanish club leadership serves traditional hispanic food.

Alanna LaDeaux, Howler Staff Writer

Cornhole, line dancing, face painting, soccer, food and music is what you would’ve experienced if you went to the Spanish Club’s first event of the year. 

With school up and running Spanish Club wanted to make an experience to allow the students to relax and have fun, before the school year gets tricky, so they decided to throw a Spanish Carnival. 

“It opens an opportunity to allow students to experience the fun parts of the school, in the beginning, rather than only the work part of the school,” Public Relations and Historian of Spanish Club, Madison Adkins said. 

Spanish Club is a club that celebrates Spanish culture. You dont even need to speak Spanish to be a part of the club and go to events like the carnival. 

“Last year we had so many different events like game night and holiday parties so I’m just so excited to do stuff like that again this year” Adalise Goldman, Treasure of Spanish Honor Society said.

If you missed this great event don’t stress because there are going to be so many more events just like this one throughout the year, so be on the lookout for more information on the SpanishClub Instagram page.