Happy retirement Mrs. Coffman


Photo Provided

Mrs. Coffman at the faculty retirement party.

Oleksandr Marmuta, Howler Staff Writer

Angela Coffman is a librarian that worked in Santa Fe for six years, and a total of 31 years in education.

“Santa Fe has been a great place to work,” Mrs. Coffman said.”The staff and students are very friendly and kind people.”

She worked in Edmond education for 16 years, 10 from West Field Elementary, and six in Santa Fe High School. Mrs. Coffman decided to retire, and travel and volunteer with her husband.

“She’s a great teacher and I learned a lot from her,” Mrs. Bowlan the librarian said.” I will miss her, but I’m super excited for her to go out, I’m sure she and her husband will have a lot of fun when she retires.”