Top graduates of 2022 honored


Leah Parkhurst

Santa Fe seniors say goodbye.

Annabelle Gentling, Howler Staff Writer

The time-honored tradition of graduation comes with special recognition of those who excelled in academics throughout the challenging last four years: Valedictorians and Salutatorians.

The valedictorian(s) will be the student(s) having all A’s; the salutatorian(s) will include the student(s) with all A’s except for one B. A valedictorian who has completed a minimum of five advanced placement courses shall be designated as “Valedictorian with Distinction.”

Malaak Hassan Akour, Elijah Jess Allen, Maddilyn Grace Bond, Aiden Benjamin Box, Edward Alexander Box, Emma Grace Bradley, Damon Joseph Corvelo, Kylie Rose Daum, Grace Anne Davis, David Ukundji Dimandja, Hallie Marie Ericksen, Adedola Omoyeni Fakeye, Jaclyn Chen Fan, Averi Elizabeth Foster, Kameryn Maret Frazier, Oliver Alexander Gomez, Si Min Guan, Neha Guruswamy, Elise Nicole Hale, Claire Alexandra Hall, Lauren Brooke Hamilton, London Olivia Harper, Joshua Patrick Hawkins, Cherith Joye Hellstern, Arely, Daniela Hernandez, Grace Catherine Hibbs, Miranda Jean Highby, Jaden Pearl Hoesel, Jordan Gianna Hunter, Miranda Autumn Kennedy, Van The Lang, Alyssa Yenie Lim, Jenna Elaine Lucas, Cecilia Dung Ly, Christina Elayne Lyon, Rebecca Michelle McGrew, Joel Stephen Morton, Jasleen Elizabeth Nagra, Caleb Joshua Newberry, Kevin An Thai Nguyen, Paul Quoc Nguyen, Creed Robert Petitt, Micah John Regier, Kathryn Elizabeth Ripley, Annika Bella Samwel, Paige Leighanne Seknicka, Rida Ahmed Sheikh, Kenley Grace Stockton, Mateo Sebastian Subieta Lazarte, Regan Olivia Van Stavern, Tyler James White, Jesse Immanuel Willbanks, Jessica ebede Zeleke. 

Jaclyn Fan, David Dimandja, and Edward Box have been chosen to give valedictorian speeches this year. 

Elise Corinne Diamond, Emma Elizabeth Dye, Noah Rayhan Haque, Raimund Ribay Ilagan, Mandy Lin, Halle Gabrielle Manuel, Michaella Cain McGrew, Olivia Kechell Jeanette Newton, Ashton Thomas Rathke. 

At the end of their high school career, seniors reflect on what has inspired them to achieve their goals. 

“My inspiration is Kobe Bryant”. Valedictorian David Ukundji Dimandja said. “As cliche as that sounds, it’s not just because he’s really good at sports but the mentality that he has. I really believe that when you’re passionate about something, you are gonna do everything that it takes to not only be proficient at it but to enjoy it, love it, embrace it, and study it. That’s what Kobe did in Basketball and that’s what I want to do in all aspects of life. I want to do things because I truly enjoy it.”

 Seniors remember their time at Santa Fe and the memories that will last a lifetime. 

“I don’t take my education for granted so I’m truly grateful to all my teachers for sharing their knowledge with me so that I may become better,” valedictorian Cherith Hellstern said. I also know how hard I worked to achieve what I have now, but I really have to thank God for most of it. Honestly, this award, though appreciated, is fleeting; but the memories and moments of peoples’ presences I’ve experienced these past four years are the greatest honor”.