Tips and tricks for acing the ACT

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

On April 12, juniors will take the 2022 ACT, The Howler has some tips and tricks to help you get that perfect score.

The ACT has five sections and The Howler is going to give you infinite strategies to ace each section. 

Before taking the ACT you need to know when the test is offered and what you need to do to prepare. The internet is full of study plans and guides to help you best prepare for the test. The last step when deciding to take the ACT is your academic schedule and your future in college, if you chose to go to college. 

People also ask how many times should I take the ACT. You should take the ACT at least twice, your junior and senior year. If you choose to take it more than two times, it is usually to raise the score of your first two tests.

You are advised to bring two sharpened #2 pencils, a photo ID and a calculator, (graphing or scientific) or both!

              Tips and Tricks for The ACT

  • Work questions out of order- instead of answering all the questions in order, list your questions as Do now, Do later, and Never.
  • Choose a “Letter of the day”- When you guess on Never questions, pick your favorite two-letter combo of answers and stick with it.
  • Forget the right answer, find the wrong ones.
  • Know the best way to bubble in – work one page at a time, circle your answers on the booklet, then transfer those answers.

“ Keep calm and take the ACT test.”