Spring Break in Oklahoma

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

During Spring Break 2022, I will be embarking on a thrilling adventure through Turner Falls and the Wichita Mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Spring break for me was actually supposed to be college visits, long drives and late-night coffee. My plans have changed and getting out of the house to bond with nature sounded a lot more inspiring and adventurous.

Turner Falls is the tallest waterfall in Oklahoma, reaching 77 feet. Little Niagra Falls is also in the same vicinity as Turner falls.  In the plains of Oklahoma, these wonders of nature are a sight to see.

My mom and I plan to visit Turner Falls and the Collings Castle nestled in Honey Creek, as well as take a dip in the natural pool of Turner Falls. Turner Falls has picnic areas, nature trails and caves, which I’m very excited about. It is also home to lots of wildlife, such as the Whitetail deer, wild turkeys and other wildlife that resides here to enjoy the lush area of Honey Creek. I plan to blog, explore and take as many pictures as I can of Turner Falls.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is the second adventure I will be embarking on. The Wichita Mountains, originally called “the Big Pasture” by the area’s Native Americans, is best known for its roaming herds of buffalo, longhorn and Rocky Mountain elk.

I do love going on adventures and wildlife is truly amazing to see. The Wichita Mountains will be more of admiring the wildlife in their natural habitat. When I went to Colorado, we saw numerous deer and walked wonderfully long trails that really show the beauty of nature.

In the 29,000 acres of the Wichita Mountains, we will be hiking and biking the bison trail. The Mount Scott service road is another hike trail we will try to hit if we are not too tired.

While the Wichita Mountains are a wildlife refuge, they also include a Visitors Center that includes artifacts and education in the rich Native American history of the area.

Spring break for me is going to be the most exciting, inspiring, thrilling adventure out there and only a short hour and 30 minute drive from the capital city.