Santa Fe High School’s Black Student Union

Channing Hill, Howler Managing Editor

High schoolers all over the country are encouraged to get involved in their schools and find a place where they belong, but few have the courage to branch out from the typical and start something new. A group of students at Oklahoma’s Edmond Santa Fe High School, however, were brave enough to create an organization where difficult topics could be addressed, and everyone is welcome. 

The Black Student Union was founded by Alanna LaDeaux, a sophomore at Santa Fe. The Black Student Union, or BSU, allows students of all races to have a place where they can openly discuss personal issues and celebrate African-American culture through various events on and off campus.

“BSU is for black kids, white kids, people of any color; honestly BSU is for anyone who wants to learn about black culture,” LaDeaux said. 

LaDeaux also said that she felt like there was a need for a club where everyone would be accepted. She drew inspiration from an article about colleges starting BSA’s (Black Student Associations) and decided that Santa Fe needed a club that encouraged and celebrated diversity. 

“It’s honestly such a big honor and accomplishment to be a part of something like this,” LaDeaux said. “I guess I first viewed BSU as something that needs to be done, but I’m so happy Santa Fe gets to enjoy this and that students get the opportunity to tackle difficult topics in a safe environment.”