Santa Fe’s Bowling Team

Leah Parkhurst, Howler Staff Writer

Santa Fe’s bowling team is a small group of students who enjoy bowling enough to practice casually alongside classmates. Professional bowler Antoan Baker coaches the kids with very constructive and encouraging criticism. 

“We just work on some technical things like being on balance and things like that, that we can just give to every kid no matter what kind of style,” Baker said. “Then it’s really just being encouraging and making sure they are really enjoying bowling ‘cause if they don’t they are not likely to do it or do it well.”

Baker’s coaching style is evident in how the kids practice. The attending students mess around with each other while at the same time working to get better. The students encourage each other as well.

“It’s very fun,” sophomore Elaine Yang said. “You don’t have to worry about being cringy and stuff.”

The team doesn’t have a lot of members, with average attendance being in the tens. This leaves room for Baker to be able to provide precise critiques to help students improve.

“We have the best coach in the state by far and that’s not even me just being biased; he is definitely the best high school coach in the state,” senior Camden Haworth said. “He’s constructive, but he’s also super nice about it and is really relaxed with you even if you don’t get it first try.” 

Currently, the bowling team is looking for one more female member to make a competitive girls team. The team is more than willing to welcome new members.

The team meets on Mondays from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. at Boulevard Lanes.

“It will not only teach you how to bowl, a sport that a lot of people find fun, but it’s also about the comradery and having fun with your fellow students,” Antoan Baker said.