The music of Encanto

Rita Compton, Howler Staff Writer

Released in theaters on Nov. 24, and added to Disney Plus in December 2021, Encanto spiked in popularity as it reached its peak in January 2022. It received an overall percentage of 89 likes and plenty of good ratings. 

Encanto’s song writer, Lin Manuel Miranda,  conducted all eight songs. The most recognized song in the movie is, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” The song reached a high rating of 3-1 on the Official U.K Singles chart.

According to PBS, Encanto was considered the first movie soundtrack to have reached number one on billboard charts since 2019, when Avengers Endgame became popular.

“It’s much more commonplace in musical theater than its musical films…” Miranda said in an Abcnews interview. “You have those great moments when everyone gets a little show piece and then you smash them all together.”

Jumping into the movie, Encanto starts off with its opening song, “Welcome to the Family Madrigal,” putting each family member and their given gifts in the form of a song, including Abuela creating the Encanto. About three minutes and 44 seconds into the song, is when Mirabel begins hinting towards being giftless.

Fast forwarding to the second song, the cousin, Antoño gets his gift, communicating with animals. That’s when they include every Madrigal, excluding Mirabel in the family picture. 

Shortly after, “Waiting on a Miracle” begins. Talking mostly about how she could do so much more had she been given the gifts of her family members.That’s when Mirabel notices Casita (home of the Madrigals) cracking and the magic dying, causing her to interrupt the celebration for Antonio gaining his gift.

The following song, “Surface Pressure” begins, acknowledging the fact Luisa carries a little too much on her shoulders. During the song, Luisa mentions knowing her worth and her strength; needing a bit of relaxation in between.

As the song ends, Mirabel is told about Bruno’s vision and tower, which she immediately heads to. She then discovers that the vision depicts her as the lone cause of the magic breaking.

The third but main song in the movie, “We don’t talk about Bruno,” includes a variety of different parts referring to their past visions relating to their future.

A song developing a strong bond between two characters, “What Else Can I Do” with Isabella and Mirabel, involves both sisters realizing Isabella can be much more than perfect causing them to become closer.   

Fighting emerges between Abuela and Mirabel as Mirabel helps Abuela realize not every family member can be perfect as the magic causes the house to collapse.

The fifth song, “Dos Orugitas” or “Two Orugitas” features a moment before the miracle was created. Where Abuela and Abuelo fall in love and apart.

For those unaware of the situation, Abuelo Pedro had sacrificed himself not only to help his family, but also for the villagers, manifesting the magic of the candle.

Ending off the movie with it’s last song, “All of You”, as the now giftless family works together with the town to rebuild their home. At the end of the song, the family gathers around Casita  and gives Mirabel the doorknob to the house, after placing it on the door the giftless house returns into a house full of magic.

Encanto may not have had very many hints at its moral of the movie, but it’s true message to the public is that no family can be ‘picture perfect’.