Santa Fe’s Debut Performance

Annabelle Gentling, Channing Hill , Howler Staff Writer

Santa Fe’s debut was a smashing success; many people performed, including a barbershop quartet, Santa Fe’s own show choir and many solo acts. The performance for the student body was on Friday, Jan. 22. But, there were other showings on Thursday, Jan 27th, and Friday, Jan 28th. 

“It was so much fun seeing all these different people show off their talents and just enjoying themselves,” said Michael (Mikey) Holliman, a performer at Debut. 

 Sophomore Lily Hutsell also performed at Debut, giving two performances: the show choir Serenade and a solo performance. Hutsell said she was nervous at first, but she said that the audience was really welcoming and was super encouraging. 

“An interesting thing that happened to me was during the matinee, as soon as the spotlight came on, someone decided to whistle at me,” Hutsell said. 

When asked about her favorite act it was no surprise that the crowd favorite, Mikey, made her list of favorites, 

Even going as far as to say that she thought that it was the crowd’s favorite of the night. Holliman performed a Megan thee Stallion Rap onstage engaging the audience and selling him as a crowd favorite. 

“My favorite act of debut was Mikey’s dance and rap. From what I’ve heard it was a crowd favorite as well,” Hutsell said.  

Overall, the Debut performance was a wildly successful event. Those who came were treated to some amazing musical performances, and those who didn’t come should be inspired to come next year.