The 39 Steps

Alanna LaDeaux, Howler Staff Writer

Thursday, Dec. 2 through Friday, December 3 Santa Fe’s theatre productions put on “The 39 Steps”, a family-friendly, kind-hearted murder mystery. 

“People who know the sarcastic side, and aren’t offended by it will really enjoy this play,” Aydin Dale, a student who played Richard Hannay in The 39 Steps said. 

Richard Hannay, a British man who seems to be unsatisfied with his life, goes to a show and meets the peculiar Annabella Schmidt. Hannay takes Annabelle Schmidt home but within hours she is mysteriously murdered. He is soon getting tracked by a very sketchy organization, the 39 Steps. 

The play takes you on twists and turns constantly making you guess what’s next. The now-infamous run away from London is now on a journey across Europe trying to escape the mysterious 39 steps. This once ordinary man is taking the audience on an extraordinary journey.

When seeing the journey that takes place on stage you never take into account what goes on behind the scenes. 

“It takes a whole team just to get the word out about the show, and sell enough tickets to make a profit back,” said the student head of Public Relations and Marketing, Cecilia Ly. 

Santa Fe Productions hopes that everyone enjoyed this play and would like to invite everyone out to the spring production. 

“If you liked the 39 Steps, come audition or see Sister Act in the spring,” Peyton Moskalski, a sophomore who played Clown Number Two said.