Native American Heritage in the wolf pack


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Shield of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

November is Native American Heritage Month. Savannah Tietz, a Sante Fe student, a member of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas and a descendent of the Lipan Chief, Jose “Barbas Dias.” Lipan, shares her history and thoughts on Native American Heritage Month.

The story of Savannahs’ Lipan tribe is complicated and some original traditions have been lost. The Lipan tribe had to leave and blend into the society so any traditions and traces were covered up.

“Our tribe fought for more than two hundred years. The Spanish, Mexican, and U.S soldiers tried to wipe us out.” Tietz said. “ Because of this, the Lipan tribe had to blend in with the Tejanos and Mexicans, which is why I grew up thinking I was mostly Hispanic.”

Native American Heritage month helps us learn about native history and the traditions that have been passed down or adopted into society.

“I think that being Native American really defines who I am.” Tietz said. ¨We do not have a reservation because the Lipan Tribe had to flee. Because of this little of our tribe remains.”

The celebration of Native American Heritage Month is here to help educate and share the history that has shaped America today. This month brings awareness and recognition to the many contributions by the Native people in America.

So, the next time you enjoy pumpkin pie or corn on the cob, thank the Native American people for their impact and innovation in our everyday life.