School lunches are changing, what’s the catch?

Claire Ash, Howler Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19, schools worldwide are required to provide free lunches. Our lunchrooms nationwide are understaffed, making it harder to provide meal choices.

¨The nationwide staffing and supply chain shortages are hitting our child nutrition department. Because of this, beginning Friday, October 1, the district will be offering one option for lunch,¨ said Edmond Public Schools (EPS) Child Nutrition.

Formally, students were offered two or more meal choices for lunch, but Oklahoma state-wide schools have decreased it down to one choice meal for lunches because of a decrease in the food supply.

¨I think they need more options with wider variety,¨ freshman Taryan Calder said.

In order to provide more variety, many obstacles must be overcome. One of which is staffing. 

EPS is pleading for help from the public. There are a number of opening positions in the child nutrition department, if someone you know needs a job and is great with kids of all ages, apply here.