Santa Fe welcomes Barry DeRennaux into the wolf pack

Raigen Hoffner, Howler Staff Writer

If you need help with anything science related come to Santa Fe’s new teacher Barry DeRennaux.  

Barry DeRennaux, also known as Mr. D, is a new science teacher at Santa Fe. He teaches Chemistry and Physical Science in room 23. So far, he has felt very welcome and is happy to be a part of the wolf pack.

He’s from a small town in Missouri called Steelville, and after he moved to Oklahoma, he ended up meeting his wife. They have two kids together. 

Whether it be tutoring fellow students as a kid for some extra cash, or lecturing at colleges, DeRenneux has always been interested in education. He got his undergraduate at Emporia State Kansas and his graduate from University of Tennessee in Knoxville. 

Science has always been an interest of DeRennaux’s. He excelled in science growing up and decided that he should turn it into a career and now he is a teacher.

“I kind of fell into teaching,” DeRennaux said. “I was good at science and math, so I started with science and math.”

Before working at Santa Fe, Mr. D taught at Harding Fine Arts in Oklahoma City. So far, he’s liked it here, because at his old school he didn’t have access to an actual lab. Now that he has one, Mr. D is glad he decided to teach at Santa Fe. He’s also thankful for the fact that it has a day-to-day structure.  

“It’s nice to be at a school with clear policies,” DeRennaux said.

Mr. D is not only a new teacher he also plays video games in his free time; one of his favorite games at the moment being Genshin Impact. He even jokes that if he had to choose another career path he would be a professional gamer.

Analee Bearden, a sophomore student at Santa Fe, really enjoys Mr. DeRennaux’s class. 

“He’s laid back and he’s a really good teacher,” Analee Bearden said.

Santa Fe welcomes Barry DeRennaux into the wolf pack for this 2021-2022 school year.