City champs seven years straight

The Wolves Devour the Dogs

Jett Birsner, Howler Staff Writer

One week after defeating North in dominant fashion, the Santa Fe Wolves would become city champs for the 7th time in a row by trouncing the Memorial Bulldogs on their own turf last Friday. 

This game was a shootout with both teams scoring twenty or more points. Santa Fe put up a season-high in points with 49 total.

The Wolves struck first with a touchdown off of a play-action pass to El Tremaine Neal. They would then succeed to complete a two-point conversion on a pass play. This left 9:16 on the clock in the first quarter, and Memorial would use up the vast majority of that time on their next possession.

Memorial would complete first down after first down to slowly chip away at the Santa Fe defense. The Wolves got very close to shutting down the Bulldog offense but came up short. After seven and a half minutes of QB scrambles, tight pass plays and clutch fourth-down conversions, the Bulldogs would score their first touchdown on a pass play up the middle.

The Wolves lead 8-7 at the end of the first quarter

In the second quarter, Demarius Robinson ran for three consecutive first downs on three consecutive plays to bring the Wolves within 16 yards of the end zone. This dominance of the run game allowed the wolves to score using another play-action pass.

On Memorial’s next possession they would fumble the ball, and Santa Fe would have the ball back at the 11-yard line just moments after their previous touchdown. Demarius Robinson would run through contact to score a touchdown, but there would be no extra points as Santa Fe fails the two-point conversion.

Memorial’s second quarter struggles were not quite over. With around three minutes left in the second quarter, Memorial gives the ball back to Santa Fe just 28 yards away from the end zone. On the next play, Talyn Shettron would receive a pass on the left side and run the ball in for a touchdown. The Wolves would lead 28-7 heading into the third quarter.

One of the biggest moments in the game happened with just 1:46 remaining in the second quarter. The Memorial quarterback, Markell Johnson, would limp off the field following an awkward tackle to end a QB scramble. He would be replaced by freshman David McComb.

The third quarter was quiet for both teams until the last minute where Demarius Robinson scored a touchdown for Santa Fe. This increased the Santa Fe lead to 35-7.

Both teams would trade touchdowns In the fourth quarter. Memorial would essentially walk into the endzone for their first touchdown, and they would score off of a turnover for their second touchdown of the quarter five minutes later. The Wolves responded with a play-action pass to Tabry Shettron which netted them a touchdown and an extra point to bring their lead back to where it was. Santa Fe led 42-21.

Santa Fe would close out this game with a bang. With 2:22 left in the fourth quarter, LB Reeves would score a touchdown on a jaw-dropping pass which netted the Wolves 85 yards in a single play. The final score was 49-21 Santa Fe victory.