A Fine Retirement

A farewell to Santa Fe’s beloved US History teacher, Mrs. Kathy Fine


William Hackney

Image of Mrs. Kathy Fine in her classroom

William Hackney, Staff Writer

Ms. Kathy Fine is a beloved US History teacher at Santa Fe. After 32 years of combined teaching experience, Ms. Fine will call it a career and retire. She will leave Santa Fe forever, but not without a legacy to be remembered by her students and her co-workers.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Ms. Fine for many years! She’s a great friend and colleague! It’s been a great blessing!” said US Government teacher, Mr. Williams, about their partnership.

The way she incorporated stories and US History has left a mark on students and how they learn.

“In my hour, one of my favorite moments was when she was telling us how her son messed with a scammer for 3 hours,” said junior Ryan Ross.

Her co-worker Mr. Harp described her personality further in her artwork in her classroom, saying, “she is a talented artist. Many of the pictures hanging in her room she actually has drawn or painted”.

Ms. Fine has always made her students and co-workers feel a part of the family and will be missed for years to come. Here is to a happy retirement!