The McCabe Legacy

A dedication to the career of Mr. McCabe

Kara George, Staff Writer

Britten McCabe has left his mark on Santa Fe high school. Teaching at multiple schools for over 50 years. Many people have passed through Mr. McCabe’s classrooms and offices. Some from small towns, some from big, some are teachers, and some are influential people from history. 

He taught multiple subjects throughout his teaching career including speech and debate along with sociology.

“I always understood when he was teaching because he made it fun but did not divert attention from the seriousness of the class. It made me want to pay attention while still learning,” said sophomore Karen George.

The 2020-2021 school year will sadly be his last one teaching, but many have fond memories of him from debate tournaments and classes. 

“I had McCabe my freshman year as a debate coach. He was so kind and let us know he was there for us,” senior Stephanie Ledford said. “I remember when he invited us to Thanksgiving. He said that if we didn’t have somewhere to go or something to do that we could go see him and he would make sure we had food.”

Before teaching, he had a streak of spontaneous actions. In classes, he tells stories of his younger years and his adventures such as how he walked into Southwestern University (SU) the day before classes started and asked to attend the school.

He indulges his students with talk about teaching other teachers and going on debate trips. He also takes social issues and history very seriously. Because he met Clara Luper and other influential people of color in the past, he places importance on educating students not only on her and what she did for OKC but also about other influencers.

“I feel as a teacher it is my obligation to inform the youth about these amazing people and what they did,” McCabe said. “You all deserve to know the history of your state and the people who formed it.”

Although this is McCabe’s last year teaching at Santa Fe, he has left a legacy. His tips will live within the school’s debate team and his stories will live within his students.