The first female Edmond Public Schools superintendent: Dr. Angela Grunewald


Dr. Angela Grunewald

Chloe Clinton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After six years of service, Brett Towne, the current Edmond Public Schools Superintendent announced his retirement at the end of 2020. Associate Superintendent for Educational Services Dr. Angela Grunewald will take over the position. She taught for 14 years and was a principal for over five years. Additionally, she was an associate superintendent in two other districts before returning to Edmond and serving in her current position for the last five years.

Gruenwald said, “My personal vision revolves around dignity, belonging, and high expectations for all students and teachers. I want everyone to be treated with respect, have connections and be pushed or challenged to grow and learn. I am a strong believer in teacher collaboration and working together. I feel the more opportunities we can give teachers to learn and grow, the better our district will be.”

Grunewald brings fresh perspectives and new life into the district, being the first female superintendent in the district’s history. This comes with the hopes of having a “normal” 2021-2022 school year and new opportunities for the district as a whole in the coming years.