Heard on Hurd


Channing Hill

Downtown Edmond – Heard on Hurd

Channing Hill, Howler Copy Editor

Are you looking for something to do on a Saturday night? Do you enjoy supporting local businesses and restaurants? Then Heard on Hurd is the place for you! 

Held every third Saturday of the month from March through October, Heard on Hurd is a fun event for people of all ages. It takes place from 6-10 p.m. in downtown Edmond along North Broadway, close to many restaurants like Empire Slice House, Othello’s, and Sunnyside Diner. Additionally, there are quite a few stores open in this area, like Commonplace Books, Lulu and Lo’s, and Broadway Antiques and Market

On top of all these permanent stores and restaurants, a number of food trucks and pop-up shops line the streets during Heard on Hurd. Some of these include Bondi Bowls, Wicked Hangry, Pop’s Waffles, The Baked Bear and Copper Dust Jewelry

Live music is also present at Heard on Hurd, with many popular and local artists performing, like Chloe-Beth and King Cabbage Grass Band. All of the songs are family-friendly, and there are even a few artists that perform music especially centered around kids, like Spaghetti Eddie. 

Heard on Hurd is a great, family-friendly place to spend your Saturday night, enjoy the nice weather and support local businesses. Next time you have a free Saturday night, you should stop by and explore the festivities.