Bondi Bowls review


Channing Hill

Bondi Bowls’ Edmond Location Storefront

Channing Hill, Howler Managing Editor

Bondi Bowls, founded by Bailey Wilson of Edmond, Oklahoma, has been actively selling acai bowls, lemonade and shaved ice since June of 2020. The successful business originally started out as a food truck right here in Edmond and quickly developed a storefront, located at 136 E 5th St, as well as several other food trucks. 

Bondi Bowls currently has food truck locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas and Louisiana. According to Wilson, the business was inspired by a “staple” from her time living in Bondi Beach, Australia: acai bowls. Some of the bowls’ all-natural ingredients include pitaya (dragon fruit), homemade vegan granola, fresh fruit, raw local honey, peanut butter and various sliced nuts. 

If you were to walk into Bondi Bowls’ Edmond location, you would be greeted by bright lighting and cheerful decorations. You would see the menu displayed in simple lettering on the back wall, several comfy places to sit and a few places to take pictures with your Bondi treats. 

The bowls themselves were delicious; I ordered the “Bronte,” a bowl containing granola, bananas, Nutella and pitaya. Although I’ve had my fair share of acai and pitaya bowls, I have to say this particular bowl was one of my favorites. The flavors complimented each other well, and the bowl was very enjoyable. 

Overall the Bondi Bowls experience was a pleasant one; I would definitely recommend Bondi Bowls to anyone who is looking for healthy eating options, or even a cute place to eat out.