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Dare Assembly

DWDW 2024
Eva Mitchell
The first dare of the Dare Assembly was a relay race against each grade with weird and gross challenges.

The Dare Assembly for DWDW has always been one of the most important assemblies throughout the entire week. This week, it was about helping raise money for foster children. The Dare Assembly involves class competitions with games for students with teachers even showing their competitive side.

The Dare Assembly for DWDW 2024 started with a Mario Kart relay game. Jaxon Hammon showed his impressive leap over a table twice to seal victory for the seniors. 

After the relay game, there was a recap video for the first half of DWDW 2024. It showed what happened in the last few assemblies before the day of the Dare Assembly. Students enjoyed highlights from Blacklight Assembly, the Hall of Fame assembly, and other events from that day.

There was another relay right after the recap video, this relay was a lot more intense than the last one. A person from each grade had to walk on legos with an egg on a spoon, crack the egg on a plate of pancakes with a banana and hot sauce on it as well, inhaling the entire thing before spinning six times and running back to square one. The juniors won this relay.

There was a trivia game between athletes and mathletes that had questions about math and sports. It was a close call between both teams but the mathletes won this game.

The “Get Ready with Me” race pitted teachers against each to see how long it takes for teachers to get ready in the morning. They had to put on two layers of clothes, brush their hair and teeth. The teachers started to sabotage each other so they could win with Ms. Willman being victorious

The last thing that happened during the assembly was teacher dodgeball. The Hunger Games style selection was announced by Ms. Powers playing Effie Trinket to the tee. Stephanie Lewis seized the win, but it was mostly because Mr. Rosko gave up. 

Teachers and students alike showed their competitive nature and philanthropic kindness to raise money for FCAO.

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Hannah Aukema, staff writer
My name is Hannah Aukema. I'm a senior and I have been going to Santa Fe ever since my Freshman year. I've always loved journaling, writing, or anything that has to do with Journalism. I took Intro to Journalism last year and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see what happens this semester.
Eva Mitchell
Eva Mitchell, Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Eva Mitchell and I am a sophomore at Santa Fe High School. This is my first year on the Howler staff. I love Gilmore Girls and gardening, especially sunflowers. I’m an avid reader and my favorite book as of right now is “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath. I love Tulsa which is the city I was born in and I have a lot of family there. 

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