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Your 2023 fall fashion forecast

This falls’ fashion trends
Rosemary O. Hernandez for Hudson Valley Magazine.
Rosemary O. Hernandez for Hudson Valley Magazine.

Throughout the years, fashion has been reflected in the world’s current events; from the golden age’s golden light hues to the grunge styles of the ‘80s, fashion trends are a reflection of times that shape our everyday lives and our history books. This year colors and styles are no exception.

Huge concerts like the Era’s Tour, the Renaissances Tour and the release of the Barbie movie have greatly impacted fashion. This year, fashion styles have warped themselves into a twisted dystopian girlhood dream. From black bows, beige kitten heels, black canvas bags and neutral-colored hoodies, this year’s looks are trying to make sense of the crazy that has continued since 2020.

Bows are back– This year, fashion is taking a nod back to girlhood, femininity, and simplicity. One way is the simple bows. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a pleated dress or in your hair, this year is about a simple time and wherever you feel encapsulates that is perfect. 

Red has returned – With bold trends kicking into place, red is a staple in runway fashion. Red is most closely associated with war, wealth and power. As we come into an age where these themes are shown prominently in our world, it makes sense that this color is coming back. You can go with a bold lip, a slip dress or even a classic red heel; these can accent any outfit you choose to make, and make it as powerful. 

Wide-legged jeans season– The jeans of the free-spirited ‘70s and wild ’90s have made a comeback into this year’s fashion cycle. As the older generations new wide-legged jeans were coming back, and the nostalgia is so strong with clothing items nodding back to girlhood and older generations. If you’re excited about this comeback, head to your local store and stock up on the wide-legged jeans.

Mini bags are marvelous– Leaving the best for last, these bags are not the least bit conventional. While these will not help you carry anything of substance, it is a fun accessory to add to your outfit. Grab a cute bag that goes with your outfit and make waves with your creativity. 

These are the new fall fashion trends for 2023. I hope this helps you plan an incredible outfit and help ring in the fall season. No matter if you’re stunning in a red ensemble or a chic mini bag, this fall is all about you and however you choose to dress.

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Annabelle Gentling
Annabelle Gentling, Social Media Manager & Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Annabelle Gentling, and I'm a senior at Santa Fe! I love to do all forms of competitive dance except Tap. Aside from dancing, in my free time, I dress up as princesses for birthday parties. I was born in Uganda and since have moved throughout the United States. I have been in journalism since my sophomore year and I'm excited to be joining the Howeler for my last year.

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