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Madison Hayes
Stage in the performing arts area, May 3

On a night full of buzzing excitement and talent, Edmond Santa Fe held its annual fine arts awards ceremony, commending several students from various grade levels for their accomplishments. On May 3, families gathered around a luscious red carpet to celebrate their children for all the hard work they put into the program. The air was simmering with familial and friendly pride as the audience awaited the announcements of the award winners. 

The night began with graduating seniors Michelle Raley and Jacob McQueen from the choir program giving a speech about their participation over the years. 

“Make a mistake, McQueen said. “But be loud and wrong.” 

Students not only gracing the podium but also scattered throughout the audience, show their love and appreciation for fine arts teachers. Dr.Potts, vocal music director, has mentored and helped students grow not only vocally but also as people. Kind remarks made by the graduating seniors would lead to Mrs.Parkhurst tearing up. Dr.Potts and Mrs.Parkhurst gave out awards from best soprano to best tenor in the choir program. Students received choir chords and graduation chords for their contributions to the program.

The night then moved to the drama program, with Mrs. Carr and her student teacher Mrs.Collins honoring their students. They listed several students for achievements, ranging from awards for grade levels to overachiever awards. Senior Miracle Randle received an overachiever award due to having put in 33 hours of work into theater productions.

“Theater has helped me by pushing me out of my comfort zone,” Randle said. “I, myself, never thought I would be in theater productions, and I ended up staying all the way to my senior year.”

Current lead production titles such as stage manager, prop master, public relations, and more were passed down from the senior class to new leaders. Specifically set to take over the position are incoming juniors Brooks Davis and Alayna Hoggatt, set to be the top working hands on the stage next year, with one per semester. The current stage manager, South Venator, signed off. 

The podium was used to honor Santa Fe students for the last time, or until next year’s ceremony. Competitive drama, along with other fine arts programs, can often go under the radar at big sports-centralized schools. However, Edmond Santa Fe is home to a variety of programs to cater to every student in our community. From scenery in theater productions to choir class with Dr.Potts, there’s a home for everyone at Santa Fe; you just have to look for it.


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