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Santa Fe’s talent raises money for DWDW
Annabelle Gentling
Wolfstock line up

Santa Fe High School hosts Wolfstock, an event where many of Santa Fe’s very own talented musicians band together to raise money for Foster Care and Adoptive Association of America (FCAO), and this year nine bands performed to raise money for the cause.

Santa Fe’s Philanthropy Week Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW).  This week is raising money for FCAO which is helping children in the foster care system and advocating for adoptive and foster families all over Oklahoma. 

Lily Hutsell is a senior who sang at Wolfstock. She has performed three years in a row and was excited to get back on the stage and show people what she and her band have been working on.

“I’m excited to do my third Wolfstock, It’s a little bittersweet, but mostly it’s redemption because I didn’t do it last year,” Hutsell said. “In some ways, it’s the end but in others, I hope that it’s just the beginning of doing things.” 

Mason Grice, a Senior who played guitar for a set, was excited to play at Wolfstock. He has been playing guitar for three years now. 

fans of Wolfstock (Olive Miller)

“Being able to play in front of people is pretty nerve-racking, but I like sharing music,” Grice said. 

While the event fun there was also some rowdy bystanders that got into trouble. While starting a mosh pit, there was a student who got the idea to jump and crowd surf even though there were specific instructions before the event started that this kind of behavior wasn’t allowed. 

A police officer by the name of Sargent Pearson got into the crowd and broke up the rowdy events. Sargent Pearson works security for the schools as well as school events like Wolfstock and works to keep venues safe.

“When they started they specifically said no moshing and no body surfing. This student didn’t follow the rules and so I got him down and administration told him to go home,” Sargent Pearson said. 

Crowd surfer. Photo by Peyton Bell

*I would like to note that this student was wearing an “I am legal shirt” as they were taken out of the crowd. This offers nothing but irony to the article and made a lot of people laugh during the event as well as recounting the story afterward.

Overall, it was a great event that raised a lot of money for DWDW and its recipient, FCAO. 

“I hope that Wolfstock continues on forever because it’s super fun, and I feel like everyone who didn’t have a place before has found their place here,” senior Ava Pierce said. 

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Annabelle Gentling
Annabelle Gentling, Social Media Manager & Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Annabelle Gentling, and I'm a senior at Santa Fe! I love to do all forms of competitive dance except Tap. Aside from dancing, in my free time, I dress up as princesses for birthday parties. I was born in Uganda and since have moved throughout the United States. I have been in journalism since my sophomore year and I'm excited to be joining the Howeler for my last year.
Olive Miller
Olive Miller, Howler Co-Editor In Chief
Hello! My name is Olive Miller and I'm a senior at Santa Fe. This is my third year on staff and my third year as Co-Editor-In-Chief! I love Vampire Weekend, traveling and I'm happy to be rejoining the staff for my final year!

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