World Record Assembly

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

On Tue. March 1, Santa Fe held a World record assembly to help raise money for Positive Tomorrows through Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW).

The assembly featured “The Bachelorette Two,” starring Samantha (David Dimandja’s bachelorette character) and Arav Jilka, as well as some new contestants to win over Samantha. Samantha and Kentrell, one of the contestants, were set to get married but Arav came and swooped Samantha away after confessing his love.


As this is a World Record assembly, Maxton Barker, a freshman, and Jack Sydnes, a sophomore, set the record of running around a school for the longest time.

Wrestling also made an appearance as Coach Draper wrestled his players one by one to set a record for most takedowns.

Draper Take Down

Some of the other activities were a hotdog eating and milk drinking contest. Four people from each grade came down to eat four hotdogs.

The first two done with their hotdogs would jog to a table and drink half a gallon of milk. The last two would have to drink a whole gallon of milk then all would run to the other side of the gym, get spun around three times and then run back. The first to make it back would win. The seniors won this game.

Kaitlyn Marshall


Another activity was making paper airplanes and trying to fly them at the same time when the beat would drop. The song was “Airplanes” by B.O.B. When the song started half the students threw the planes and the other half flew when the beat dropped.

While everyone was having fun, math teacher, Mr. Flanigan was duct-taped to the gym wall by several Student Council Members (STUCO).

Kaitlyn Marshall

DWDW Day Two was a hit and gave way to high expectations for the rest of the week.