Santa Fe Teacher’s Spotify


Zachary Mcnaught

Ms. Jackson’s Spotify

Zachary Mcnaught, Howler Staff Writer

Have you ever been sitting in class after a test, and then noticed the music that was playing? You may wonder, “Why is my teacher playing country rap during a test?” This is the underrated beauty of teacher playlists at Santa Fe. For this article, five teachers were interviewed about their music taste. The results are baffling.

First is Mr. Bieri. Bieri is fascinated with good rhythm and good drumline. He is an outlier in music taste. He was the only teacher interviewed that listened to rock, and not rhythm and blues or country.

“I would never listen to anything I wouldn’t play,” Bieri said. “I was actually in marching band, pep band and Jazz band for seven years.”

Next is ms. Carlton. Carlton is a part of the majority of country listeners at Santa Fe. She grew up listening to country music because of the people she was around. Carlton recalls that her babysitter often played it for her.

“The song that made me listen to it is “18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses,” Carlton said. “And that would have been my babysitter Carol that made me listen to it.”

Students swear she only ever plays classical covers of well-known songs. A former student Mary Lollar recalls the class as “interesting”.

“There is nothing like hearing violins play Despacito while trying to figure out my Punnet Square.” Lollar said.

Last but not least, is Ms. Jackson. Jackson has trouble defining what her favorite music is, but to put it into words, she likes music with a good rythm. One of her favorite genres is R&B

“I like music I can dance to, because it usually has a good beat like a tempo, especially at home when I’m cooking or cleaning,” Jackson said. “Especially when I was young, we would always listen to music like that.”

Her favorite genre is R&B, and it was too tough to pick a favorite song, so Jackson gave a top two. ‘Doo-Wop’by Lauryn Hill, and ‘Essence’ by WizKid. However, R&B isn’t her only favorite. Jackson also likes chill, mellow, music when she isn’t doing much.

From Country to R&B, there are dozens of genres listened to by teachers at Santa Fe. Next time you are taking a quiz and look up to see your teacher is listening to a coffee shop playlist for 7 hours, dig a little deeper.