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National Wildlife Week

April 1-7
Olive Miller

As spring sweeps through the states and the weather changes, you start to see people all over Oklahoma show more appreciation for all aspects of nature. Of the several ways that people around the nation have decided to honor the environment is through weeks like National Wildlife Week (NWW). NWW is from April 1 through April 7. The purpose of this week is to bring awareness to North America’s abundance of plant and animal species. 

Since 1972, Oklahoma’s state animal has been the bison. As the weather begins to warm up, you can start to see bison grazing, lying down, and soaking up the sun as the winter begins to be a thing of the past. Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is home to over 600 bison; visitors can watch them as we enter a new season. Due to Bisons’ grazing habits, they can create bird nests with different grass lengths. Bison can help with aiding the environment, as they act as a keystone species. The blanket flower is native to Oklahoma and is a lovely garden plant. This plant is incredibly beneficial to bees and caterpillars since it is one of their main sources of nutrients. 

Take a moment and celebrate the preservation of not only national species of animals and plants that cherish these lands but also look at some preservation organizations in Oklahoma! Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has several programs for youth to join, but this summer they’re holding a summer camp. Youth from ages 14 to 16 are welcome, as it takes place from June 16 through June 21. Participants can obtain experience with wildlife identification, hunting, and wildlife law enforcement. It’s a free overnight camp opportunity, and the deadline to apply is April 15th, so hurry. 

 As the summer steadily approaches, take a look at your surroundings and ask what you can do for your environment, and what lives in it.

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Olive Miller
Olive Miller, Howler Co-Editor In Chief
Hello! My name is Olive Miller and I'm a senior at Santa Fe. This is my third year on staff and my third year as Co-Editor-In-Chief! I love Vampire Weekend, traveling and I'm happy to be rejoining the staff for my final year!

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