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Water tumblers: friend or foe

Preetika Chowdhury
A Stanley in a field of plastic.

Have you hydrated today? A lot of people these days are carrying around water tumblers. Whether it’s a Stanley, an Owala or a YETI, water tumblers are the latest trend in hydration, but they also prevent users from creating more plastic waste.

One benefit of this rising trend is the reduction of disposable plastic water bottles in our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. This makes it hard for our wildlife to live. According to The Ocean Cleanup, the estimated size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 1.6 million kilometers, or twice the size of Texas. However, recent concerns about reported lead in the cup begs the question of whether the benefit to wildlife outweighs the potential health risk. 

We have all been warned about lead poisoning from childhood, but in the interest of trends and saving the planet, but more so trends, people still carry their tumblers. Some have even referred to it as their “support tumbler.” It goes both ways when talking about the pollution and the safety of others. If you own a Tumbler, just do your best to keep it clean and the planet. 

So, as the trends come and go and the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch grows larger, will tumblers be the answer? Only Stanley knows.


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Peyton Doyle
Peyton Doyle, Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Peyton Doyle! I’m a senior and survivor of North High School. I like to read, paint, and listen to music (mainly Taylor Swift and One Direction). I hope to major in broadcasting as a news anchor or physical therapy.

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