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How to get over someone you never dated

Mending a broken heart.

I am nearing the end of my senior year and I just have to say that I HAVE NEVER DATED ANYONE: However, I have had to fan the flames of numerous potential relationships. So, here is the high school edition of how to get over someone you never dated.

Go ahead and hit that unfollow button 

I know this is something that no one wants to do, but trust me, as soon as you stop checking if they saw your story or liked your post, you will feel so much better. You can’t get over someone you see all the time and pine over. Mute their page and then you can slowly ease out.

Do not fantasize about them

I know those classroom daydreams where you think about promposals, lunch dates, double dates with friends… STOP. From what I’ve heard, double dates are hard to plan, promposals are stressful and lunch dates get expensive eventually. Every time I caught myself fantasizing, I started studying. No, it’s not fun, but if you can’t be in love, be rich. And you could up your GPA and find amazing scholarships as well. 

Laugh about their outfits 

Know this isn’t foolproof, but I’ve met very few teenagers who can dress. Have you ever seen someone pair khakis, a Bass Pro hat, Yeezy slides and a ripped shirt? (An actual outfit of a boy in the hallway). Whether this is outside of the school or inside, you can have a good laugh with your friends. Don’t bully, just a light-hearted chuckle. Unfortunately, you are exempt from this step if your person can dress. I’m sorry that you lost a fashionista.


Have a good self-care day. Take time to laugh with your friends, put on a good movie or go out and get a treat. All of these things help with taking your mind off of your situation. Enjoy the company of those in your life instead of those who are not, and the people you love will always be there for you. 

Love isn’t based on worth 

Last but not least: love isn’t a determination of self-worth. Finding a relationship isn’t everything. I have more fun spending time with my friends than looking for a boy. If all high schoolers avoided a lifestyle centered around romantic love, I think we would all be better off.

I hope that all these tips and tricks help you and make you think differently about crushing on people.Getting over someone you never dated takes time and a reality check. So I hope that this helped, and I hope you can get over that person. 

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About the Contributor
Annabelle Gentling
Annabelle Gentling, Social Media Manager & Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Annabelle Gentling, and I'm a senior at Santa Fe! I love to do all forms of competitive dance except Tap. Aside from dancing, in my free time, I dress up as princesses for birthday parties. I was born in Uganda and since have moved throughout the United States. I have been in journalism since my sophomore year and I'm excited to be joining the Howeler for my last year.

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