Vegetarian wolf joins the pack

Kaitlyn Marshall, Howler Staff Writer

Ever heard of a Vegetarian Wolf? Well, now you have. Sarah Fish Fineman, a new humanities and art teacher has joined the wolf pack.

Sarah Fish Fineman says there is more to being a vegetarian than just eating vegetables all the time.

¨ My mom´s a vegetarian. So growing up she only cooked us chicken,¨ Mrs. Fish said. ¨When I went to college I was disgusted by the meat there and then I just slowly cut it out.¨

Fish tried to cook it by herself, but it had a weird texture. Mrs. Fish and her family do a lot of pasta, pizza, and tofu. They have a lot of eggs as well and have breakfast for dinner often.

Mrs. Fish was born and raised in Maryland and moved to North Carolina for college. She has been teaching for 10 years, she taught in North Carolina for four years and then moved here because her husband got a job and she worked at Midwest City High School for three years.

“I was the art teacher there and I went and had a child, but then realized that I don’t want to be working full time,” Fish said.

Fish then went on to work at the Museum of Art for three years. She ended up having another child during COVID and now she’s here at Sante Fe. Mrs. Fish explains what led her to Sante Fe.

“Lisa Adams called me and asked for an interview… We need an art teacher. Can you come in?¨ Fish said.

Mrs. Fish has always been interested in art and knew that was what she wanted to do. She had a class in graphic design and decided after graduating to get certified to teach. She picked up education as a double major and does freelance graphic design.

¨ … Knowing my graphic design friends, I’m glad that I’m not graphic design for the fact that they sit at a computer, you know, hours a week,¨ Fish said.

Fish said this was her first time teaching humanities as well as teaching art and humanities together. Fish is starting humanities by spanning the whole prehistoric era all the way up to the modern era.

¨So we’re learning a little bit of history about a certain time period, and then I´m trying to correlate an art project…¨ Fish said.

Fish also enjoys ceramics in her free time and painting. Coincidentally, her husband is an art professor. Fish also enjoys swimming and enjoys being outside. Mrs. Fish has two dogs but has yet to keep a cat as a pet.

¨ …I think my oldest daughter is realizing that there are cats in the world and she likes them well.¨ Fish said.

Mrs. Fish wants her students to know that her classroom is a safe space and that if they do need to confide in a teacher that they can hopefully talk to her.