New teacher at Santa Fe: Morgan Mason


Oleksandr Marmuta, Howler Staff Writer

After teaching in Costa Rica, Morgan Mason came to Oklahoma to teach US history.

Morgan Mason was born in Sallisaw, OK. Before graduating Mrs. Mason moved to Costa Rica with no Spanish knowledge, for the chance to work at an international school called Pan American School. She loved getting to experience what K-12 education looks like outside of the United States and it gave her a very unique perspective of how Social Studies is taught in an international environment. Mrs. Morgan eventually moved out of her comfort zone and learned Spanish during her time there.

Upon returning to the states, Mrs. Morgan taught for two years at Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond prior to coming to Santa Fe. A cherished gift from her former colleagues at Cheyenne includes a “director’s seat” as well as personal souvenirs from her travels in Canada and Costa Rica create a welcoming environment in her classroom. 

Her most treasured piece of decor is a picture of her big and happy dogs, Iba and Nova.

“I love dogs, I have two dogs and they’re my babies,” Mrs. Mason said. ”We named Iba after Iba Hall at Oklahoma State, the dorm that my husband and I were living in when we met.

Mrs. Morgan’s inspiration for teaching came from her high school days. 

“My AP US History teacher in high school was named Mrs. Dean,” Mrs. Mason said. “She was an amazing teacher and her room was so much fun! Her class felt more like story time than a typical class. She was also just an interesting and quirky person who always made you feel welcome and excited to be there.”