Santa Fe boys soccer conquers the chaos


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Senior boys soccer

Grace Hepner (ESF), Santa Fe Staff Writer

The Santa Fe boys soccer team has found a way to conquer amidst the chaos this season. With new restrictions due to COVID and switching districts to now playing against unfamiliar teams, the team as a whole has stepped up with encouraging words. The senior captains have set a positive example on the field and off of the field.

It is no secret that COVID has changed a lot of things this year. Sadly, the soccer season was cut short last year due to the shutdown. So, it is important to every player to make sure that there is no repeat of that this year. The boys soccer team has taken extra COVID precautions to limit excess exposure. For example, in the past the guys and girls junior varsity  and varsity teams have ridden together on the same bus to away games. However, this year the JV and varsity guys team ride together. Team bonding activities are forbidden this year: upsetting to coaches and players alike. 

¨We are big on bonding outside of soccer, so not being able to do so has been tough¨ Santa Fe boys soccer coach Joe Peeler said. 

Because of the restrictions, the team has had to find ways to bond while on the field. This includes team building drills and extra communication.

Santa Fe senior captains have taken action to ensure that the team is playing to the best of their abilities. With uplifting words as well as setting an example out on the field, many would argue that the team’s chemistry is unmatched. District has just begun; however,  it is still uncertain what the rest of the season holds. Nevertheless, the captains are doing everything in their power to keep the team engaged and encouraged through trials and celebrate successes as well. 

 Senior captain and starting goalkeeper, Gavin Greenwood, said  ¨to encourage my team, I always try to lead by both my actions and my words. The keeper has a job to bail their team out when they let the opposing team shoot, but to also talk to the team and position them correctly. Winning or losing I try my hardest to talk to my team. Giving up can never be an option, although it is often tempting.¨ 

As the season winds down, the seniors are beginning to feel sentimental as this is the last season that they will play together. With nine graduating seniors, the memories that they have made together throughout these past four years are countless. 

Greenwood also stated that his ¨favorite memory so far was scoring a goal against Bishop McGuiness in the last seconds of the game.¨

 Soccer is a game of unpredictability and learning how to maintain the chaos in those 90 minutes; the Santa Fe Boys soccer captains have certainly stepped up and made their voices known.

With the mass exodus of seniors this year, the juniors are taking note of the seniors´ leadership skills to maintain the positive and uplifting atmosphere.

 Freshman forward, Matthew Hepner, said that ¨there are many strengths within the team, but the main ones would be that everyone has a great attitude and has a true desire to play to the best of their abilities. The one thing that has been apparent ever since the very first scrimmage is that the team has a never-give-up attitude. I hope to continue that same attitude in coming years.¨

Regardless of how this season turns out, one thing remains consistent throughout the team. They are all thankful to get a chance to play. No matter the unexpected turns that this season will bring, the chemistry that the team has will prevail and conquer.