Pro life and pro choice

Claire Ash, Staff-Writer

There is an ongoing issue in the community of Oklahoma that has crept its way into schools around the state; yhis issue is, pro-life or pro-choice?

Since the banning of abortions in Oklahoma, a slow divide is ramping up. Diving between those who agreed that abortions should be banned (pro-life), versus people who disagreed and thought people should get the choice (pro-choice). There are many different sides and reasons why people have chosen pro-life or pro-choice.

Why pro-life?

Among the pro-life community, there is a general understanding that pregnancy is not the fault of the child: the baby didn’t ask to be born. Although there are many reasons for pregnancy, most pro-life proponents agree that the innocent child’s life should not be sacrificed because protection was not used. Some believe the mother should take responsibility for her actions and proceed with the pregnancy.

¨I feel like for myself, I would’ve dealt with too much guilt,¨ senior Kaliyah Thomas said.

Why pro-choice?

However, numerous people agree with the claim that women should have the choice between abortion or keeping the baby. It may have been the mother’s fault she got pregnant, but other reasons for abortion may include: rape, incest, or medical emergency. Some people believe women deserve to have the right to be able to choose and not have that option taken away.

¨I think that a person should have a choice on what they can do to their body,¨ sophomore Maricela Rosales said.

Whether a woman intentionally entered the situation knowing the risk or was forced into it without her consent, there will always be debate as to whether it should be life or choice.