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2024 Outstanding Economic Student Hudson Privratsky

Photo Provided
Hudson Privratsky (middle) holding up his award.

The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education (OCEE) and Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City awards Santa Fe High School senior Hudson Privratsky the title of outstanding economic student for the year of 2024. 

The non-profit organization advocates for improving economic and financial literacy education for students in grades K-12 by training teachers to include principles of economics and finance into daily classroom lessons. In doing so OCEE hopes to prepare students for their future lives filled with productive citizenship, consumerism and voting. 

“OCEE has helped to give me a greater understanding of the current economic climate and the problems that it creates,” Hudson said. “It has shown me the importance of people my age taking an active interest in at least basic economics and the current and past economic climates to prevent repeating devastating mistakes.”

The council is a sector of the College of Business at University of Central Oklahoma and partners with organizations like Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Tinker Federal Credit Union and Choctaw Asset Building. OCEE and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City teamed up to select Privratsky for Outstanding Economic Student of 2024. 

“I worked hard and studied in all subjects that included the principles of economics and chose AP classes that challenged me to continue to learn how economics affects both past and current events,” Hudson said.

After receiving the award, Hudson is left with a big responsibility. 

“Promote the importance of knowledge of economics and the role it plays in our world in so many different ways.”

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