Tornado turning


Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Kilynn Hammons, Howler Staff Writer

Oklahoma is a part of Tornado Alley, which is an area in the midwest that has increased tornado weather, often during April and May. With tornado season soon approaching, everyone needs to be prepared. talks about how to prepare, staying safe during and after tornadoes. 

Before a tornado comes, you can look for signs by watching weather reports, looking for rotating skies and funnel-shaped clouds. Make sure you know where your safe shelters are and what the plan is if there is a tornado. 

If there is a tornado warning you’ll want to make sure to have supplies such as flashlights, first aid kits, local maps and cell phones with a portable charger. Other good things to stock up on before a big storm can be things essential to survival such as water bottles, gallons of water and non-perishable food.