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Safety at Santa Fe

How Edmond Public Schools are keeping kids safe
Eva Mitchell
Santa Fe’s own student resource officer.

Santa Fe High School has many security measures and protocols in place to keep our students safe. With natural disaster drills and student resource officers, the school has many ways to mitigate danger.

One thing we try to take into account is the threat mental health poses to student safety. The counselors along with Safe and civil schools are working to educate students about the dangers of ignoring mental health concerns. 

“We are teacher-driven,” said Heather Bowlan, who is Co-chair of Safe and Civil Schools. ‘We see firsthand that the classroom is the safest place for our students.” 

 Updated technology is used in Santa Fe’s ID badge system and drug testing ensures the safety of the student population. Teachers and administration recognize the patterns and put preventative measures into place instantly. 

“We prefer to be proactive as opposed to reactive,” Bowlan said.

 Bullying, cyberbullying and mental illness are all things that can impact academic performance as well as how safe students feel in their school. National center of safe supportive learning environments has resources for students to access healthy coping mechanisms, and intervention strategies and to help reduce student exposure to more physical threats like violence and weapons. 

The response to tragedies like student deaths or safety threats is never taken lightly. Significant events are met with counselor meetings and support from students and staff. 

“As a teacher, you have a personal relationship with every student and you want to protect them both physically and mentally,” said Jennifer Begansky, a French teacher at Santa Fe. 

Santa Fe High School is among the top 10% of Oklahoma academically and academic performance is a reflection of student safety. The work environment is supportive and encourages collaboration between students. And our teachers are equipped with the skills to conduct the students in case of emergencies. Preparation for intruders, fires and natural disasters are repeatedly drilled and practiced. 

Safety in schools requires a multifaceted approach, while rules and regulations are important, community support is just as valuable in protecting students. 

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About the Contributor
Eva Mitchell
Eva Mitchell, Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Eva Mitchell and I am a sophomore at Santa Fe High School. This is my first year on the Howler staff. I love Gilmore Girls and gardening, especially sunflowers. I’m an avid reader and my favorite book as of right now is “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath. I love Tulsa which is the city I was born in and I have a lot of family there. 

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