The Fe Café

Kilynn Hammons, Howler Staff Writer

The Fe Café, where students can stop and grab a cheap treat on the way to class.

The café is run by culinary students and opened during passing periods from the end of first period until fifth period, Monday through Thursday. They are not opening during lunch or on Fridays.

They sell treats such as spicy pretzels, brownies (may contain peanuts), puppy chow (contains peanuts) and cake/oreo balls. They also sell drinks like hot chocolate and a variety of types of iced coffee.

The spicy pretzels, brownies, puppy chow and cake/oreo balls are all $1.00

Their hot chocolate with/without marshmallows is $1.00. The iced coffee comes in a variety of flavors: vanilla, mocha and chocolate-covered strawberry with the cost of $2.50.

Their biggest seller is the brownies.

“They’re made with love,” junior Teegan Ennis said.

Many students buy snacks from the café on the way to class to sustain themselves until lunch or when they get home from school.

“They’re all pretty good, but the cake pops are too sweet for me,” freshman Maricela Rosales says.

The snacks are popular for students to buy during passing period. Like Maricela, there are many culinary students that work in the cafe and enjoy the snacks as well.