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Ins and outs for 2024: An editorial

Since sweeping up our confetti and taking off our party hats in celebration of the new year, the Howler staff has compiled a list of things we believe are IN and OUT for 2024.


  • (Olive) 2024 or as it’s now being dubbed, the revival of 2014, is already growing legs of its own and exploring the many aesthetics of previous years. However, thanks to Saltburn’s campy soundtrack, the fact that it’s now been officially a decade since Tumblr run 2014 and the return of King Kylie (Kylie Jenner), teens are now leaning into aesthetics of the past decade, namely messy eye makeup, music and party habits. More and more trends have been surfacing that have roots in 2014, and I for one am happy to embrace it.
Aitor Prieto –
  • (Cayden) I want to see Frank Ocean drop an album. Some may strive for going to therapy, but my number one in of 2024 is listening to a new Frank Ocean album. Don’t get me wrong, I love his past albums and songs. I could listen to ‘Blonde’, Ocean’s latest album released in 2016, for hours on end, but I need something new. Frank has been posting on his Instagram story every now and then which leads me to believe he is cooking up something for his fans. Frank please drop the album.


  • (Marcy) 2020 was a tumultuous year for us all: Yet, in the midst of the storm, there held a peak quarantine era of Roblox and all things Robloxian. In 2024, we need to bring back the wonders of Roblox for all age groups. Roblox isn’t just a game for Gen Alphas-it’s an immersive experience where kids, teenagers and adults alike can play together. Developed by players all across the planet, there are millions of different varieties of games, with genres such as survival, obstacle courses, simulations, PYP, puzzles, adventure and action. Roblox is a place where everyone can enjoyably express themselves, having fun with old friends while creating new ones.



    (Peyton) This year, Bruno Mars needs to make his 4th solo album. Over the past few months, there have been rumors that he has stopped making music. Bruno Mars has won 13 platinum records and with just two songs, “Just the way you are” and “Grenade” topped the charts in the US. However, on top of these rumors, he has said he will make a new album, and yes I could listen to the same music end on end, but maybe this album would be the best. Bruno Mars never disappoints.


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  • (Alanna) From the late Queen Elizabeth ll to iconic women working corporate jobs, the monochrome outfits have stamped its mark on modern day fashion. If you don’t know what monochrome is, it’s this idea of wearing the same color or pattern for a top and bottom. But, wearing similar colors can give you the same idea of this take on fashion. People have started to wear jean jackets on top of jeans and even getting matching color lounge wear. Overall, this new idea of overly matching everyday outfits is starting to make its way not only into high fashion but street fashion as well. 



  • (Makayla)
    The Washington Post via Getty Images

    We need to leave the cult of Taylor Swift in 2023. Taylor Swift as a person stands for the wrong thing. Fans of Swift say she’s a feminist so there isn’t any reason to be critical of her, however we shouldn’t be using feminism as a crutch to excuse her massive carbon footprint. Plus, most of her fans are superfans and treat her like she’s some kind of god, which she’s not, sure she has a few good songs, but she’s not the best. In my opinion, most of her music isn’t even good and she’s been making the same “heartbroken teenager” music since she started.


Tiktok Shop
  • (Val) Tiktok used to be a dancing and lip syncing app, but now it is all about commerce. In everyones’ For You Page (FYP) there is an advertisement every two videos. TikTok Shop pays people to promote their product no matter how many followers the TikTok user has. Anyone from a celebrity to even your teacher can promote brands for profit. Most people aren’t actually being honest and just want to promote the product to gain commision. Self-care is a popular consumer destination for Tiktok Shop: from snail mucin to Turmeric soap, influencers claim miracles. However, the product itself may not be from the actual brand and many have reported reactions to the ingredients. But how much is the truth worth? Many influencers choose money over ethics and consumers are paying the price. In 2024, I think we should bring back the fun dancing days of Tiktok and leave the influencers to dupe someone else. 


  • (Annabelle) With the rise of influencer culture in today’s media, it’s very hard to go on your phone or electronic device and not see someone promoting, selling or showing their lifestyle. There is also a huge jump in following for the average person, with many people earning the title of “Influencer” just by having social platforms. With all of this happening there is almost an overwhelming surge of people shoving their lifestyle in peoples faces. This year the Influencer era is over. Making your own decisions and style choices is in, being influenced is out.  
This picture was posted on an instagram account, the image was generated by AI (AI )
  • (Bella) Over the past few decades, technological advances have become increasingly popular. Originally made to aid in creativity, artificial intelligence has slowly been used less as a tool and more as a way to trick people. In 2023, AI photography was used to age celebrities, deep fake videos of presidents and put the pope in a designer white parka. AI photography has caused people to lose confidence that the image they are viewing is real. In 2024, I submit that photographers use less AI to edit or change their  images, or create watermarks that let viewers know which images have been altered and which ones haven’t.
  • (Luke) With the overuse and overreliance of phones in the last decade, 2024 is the time to take a step back from social media and enjoy more activities in person. Being on social media too much can impact your sleep schedule, lead to anxiety and take time away from friends and family. 2024 should be a year to focus on hanging out in person outside and not staring at a screen for hours a day.
  • (Hannah) Brandy Melville is one of the most popular clothing stores that still believe in the “one size fits all” motto. They want everyone to buy their clothes but it is simply unrealistic for everyone to fit into the “one size fits all” sizes. This specific thing can lead to many issues in people such as self esteem problems. Although many people agree that Brandy Melville has good style, the one size fits all is very discouraging with many people. This year, Brandy Melville should focus on a variety of different sizes and include everyone.



  • (Eva) Lululemon personalities. We all know the type. Outfits marked by obnoxiously neon polyester and nylon fabrics, always carrying the bags that come with an in-store purchase as if it’s a fashion statement and humble bragging about their 200-dollar shorts. Many people are upset about popular brands not being ethical so how about you ask workers in Bangladesh factories how much they were paid to make your 300-dollar leggings? Most importantly I have an issue with those who make fun of others for not being able to afford or simply disliking the brand. Lululemon has created an easily identifiable group of materialistic consumers who make expensive activewear and cups their entire personality. In 2024 let’s admit that basing your self-worth on the newest color of sports bra is just sad. 


  • (Drew) In 2024 we need to get rid of homework. No one wants to go home from school and keep doing school work. I understand that sometimes we work too slowly, so we might need to take the in-class assignment home to do it but additional work or learning without a teacher present can cause anxiety and stress at home. Teenagers need a break from school and going home is a part of that. Especially when teachers say you shouldn’t be sleeping in class because this isn’t your house. Well yeah, I shouldn’t be sleeping in class but I also shouldn’t be doing school work at my house.

“The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of Edmond Public Schools.”

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About the Contributors
Olive Miller
Olive Miller, Howler Co-Editor In Chief
Hello! My name is Olive Miller and I'm a senior at Santa Fe. This is my third year on staff and my third year as Co-Editor-In-Chief! I love Vampire Weekend, traveling and I'm happy to be rejoining the staff for my final year!
Cayden Osborn
Cayden Osborn, Editor-In-Chief
Hi! My name is Cayden Osborn. I’m a senior at Santa Fe and I’ve been on The Howler staff since I was a freshman. I joined the newspaper because I wanted to be involved in the events at school. I love music, movies (especially the scary ones!), and my favorite food is pizza.
Marcy Conkin
Marcy Conkin, Howler Copy Editor
Hi! My name is Marcy Conkin, and I am a junior at Santa Fe. This is my first year working on the Howler staff, and I have lived in Edmond my whole life! I absolutely LOVE to write, but have a special passion for poetry specifically. I am the copy editor for our school’s yearbook and write articles for a nonprofit organization centered around neurodivergent teens in my free time. 
Peyton Doyle
Peyton Doyle, Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Peyton Doyle! I’m a senior and survivor of North High School. I like to read, paint, and listen to music (mainly Taylor Swift and One Direction). I hope to major in broadcasting as a news anchor or physical therapy.
Alanna LaDeaux
Alanna LaDeaux, Howler Co-Editor In Chief
Hi! My name is Alanna Ladeaux. I play school and travel softball. I have been playing since I was 3 years old. I am also involved in all sorts of clubs including, founder of the Black Student Union and Senior Class President. I have been on the Howler staff since my Sophomore year of High school and I love to write. 
Makayla Forest
Makayla Forest, Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Makayla Forest and I’m a freshman at Santa Fe. I love many types of music (not country). My favorite superhero is Miles Morales Spider-Man and I love all the Barbie movies.
Val Gomez
Val Gomez, Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Valentina Gomez, and this is my sophomore year at Santa Fe. I grew up in Colombia and hope to get into NYU because I think the atmosphere in New York is similar to Colombia. Some other things about New York I enjoy are the sense of freedom, the bookstores and the fashion. I love to read romance books and watch Rom Coms with the company of a good cold matcha or coffee! 
Annabelle Gentling
Annabelle Gentling, Social Media Manager & Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Annabelle Gentling, and I'm a senior at Santa Fe! I love to do all forms of competitive dance except Tap. Aside from dancing, in my free time, I dress up as princesses for birthday parties. I was born in Uganda and since have moved throughout the United States. I have been in journalism since my sophomore year and I'm excited to be joining the Howeler for my last year.
Luke Roberson
Luke Roberson, Copy Editor & Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Luke Roberson and I'm a senior.  I was born in Texas just outside of Dallas. I moved here in third grade. I really like punk rock and scaw. I like to watch the NFL, my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. I play a lot of board games and I do a lot of writing. I like fantasy books, lord of the Rings, I've been in the newspaper for 3 years and I really enjoy it. I'm happy to be able to join the Howler for my final year!  
Eva Mitchell
Eva Mitchell, Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Eva Mitchell and I am a sophomore at Santa Fe High School. This is my first year on the Howler staff. I love Gilmore Girls and gardening, especially sunflowers. I’m an avid reader and my favorite book as of right now is “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath. I love Tulsa which is the city I was born in and I have a lot of family there. 
Drew Lunsford
Drew Lunsford, Howler Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Drew Lunsford. I am a sophomore at Santa Fe and this is my first year on The Howler Staff. Though I love writing, in my free time I enjoy Competitive Dance, watching TV, and going on walks. I am excited about what this first year of the newspaper has to offer!
Hannah Aukema, staff writer
My name is Hannah Aukema. I'm a senior and I have been going to Santa Fe ever since my Freshman year. I've always loved journaling, writing, or anything that has to do with Journalism. I took Intro to Journalism last year and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see what happens this semester.

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